Since 1866

Making history by your side.

Our history

In 1866 José Brotons began his career in the world of wine as a farmer and producer of vintage wines for his own consumption, he quickly specialized in the production of Monastrell and shortly after the first clone of Alicante Bouschet came into his hands, becoming his favorite variety and beginning an arduous work of tests and trials to refine the wines made with this variety.

Already in the decade of the 20s his son Juan continued with the production of these wines with an inordinate passion for perfection and new challenges at the level of production, his life project is interrupted like that of many other people in this country Due to the beginning of the Civil War and due to the difficulties involved in recovering any economic activity during the Postwar era, different vicissitudes and tragedies make that passion and that project fall into oblivion ... or not ...

Years later, during the 70s, José's grandson takes up the wine lineage in the family and through his work in a small cooperative, he reintroduces into the family the passion for a job well done and for a quality product with surprising features for the customer.

His son begins to feel the passion that his father instills in him about wine and its processes, participating in the tasks of the vineyard from a very young age, studying and training in everything related to winemaking, combining tradition and technology, from From this project the new Winehass wines come out, combining years of tradition, culture, knowledge of one's own past and revolutionary ideas.

But this is only the beginning, after a very well structured career in the USA and thousands of satisfied clients, a series of catastrophic misfortunes lead our protagonist to have to abandon his project again, and it is three years ago, at the end of 2017 When a breath of fresh air enters her life, and even against all odds, it makes our winemaker regain the illusion for his project, leaving the responsibility in the hands of her, his muse, it is she who takes the reins of the project and He starts a new business in which he will recover the best of the 5 generations, contributing his own personal stamp, making wines with much more dynamic profiles.

That is why this has only just begun, although it has been forging years, Winehass needs something more, it needs more passion, it needs more ideas, it needs to break schemes, and that is where you come in, supporting us, suggesting us, helping us, criticizing us, communicating with us. We don't make our wines, we make yours, yours, the wine you like, the wine for you, Winehass is a new story, where you are the protagonist ... Do you dare?