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In these times of uncertainty, in which nothing is as it was, where any forecast is out of context, I think it is necessary to shed light on the most important aspects of this sector, from my humble opinion the keys to our sector go through several points :

Market structure change:

New technologies, social networks, the pandemic, online sales have made the Off-the-premises consumer market strengthen and grow exponentially, therefore we must focus much more on reaching the consumer, on involving them in our project in getting their feedback in the most reliable way, our relationship must be much closer, our houses be open and above all, make wines for them.

In the same way, we must support the HORECA and also the small business, with specific wines for sale in this channel and that generate advantageous positions for them, that push our end customers to enjoy our wines in our restaurants, cafes, hotels and that buy more in small businesses leaving a little more aside the large shopping and distribution centers that are being the great beneficiaries of this situation.

Change in consumer target:

It is becoming more and more common to see millennials consume wines when they go out by the glass, this is a revolution and even more so in our country, this leads us to the need to make easier, fresher and more elaborate wines to satisfy their needs, such as Hedonists, they are truly demanding and seem more and more to understand that the best wine is the one they like the most.

Change in preparation and communication techniques:

We must make it simpler, less complicated, more natural, more vegan, healthier, etc ... and at the same time, we must know how to communicate it more naturally, more fluently, more life, MORE SINCERITY ...

In short, we must modernize, become flexible and adapt, but being much more demanding with ourselves, creating for the client and not looking so much at our navel, that with the years that we have been doing it, we must already know it perfectly.

Greetings and good wine!

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