Red wine.

Dare with the prohibited.





Vetitum Line

Discover our new line of products. Vibrant and avant-garde, so you can be yourself.

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Enjoy VETITUM only in the best restaurants.

Liveliness, tannins, astringency and maturity, fruity notes on the nose and tasty on the palate, aftertaste, a true delight.


A very dignified, balanced and easy to drink wine.

José Juan Castelló.

Very fresh and at the same time powerful wine with notes present in the great wines but very simple to start, drinking it cold is a true delight

Miguel M.

Liveliness, tannins and astringency in just the right measure, a true delight for the senses.

Eliecer García.

A perfect wine for the hotel industry, a pleasure for the customer and a sure value for the restaurateur.


The best wine for our rice, smooth, with adequate structure, round, tasty, shares its characteristics perfectly with our rabbit and snail rice dishes.


A perfect wine for tapas, and with an excellent body and evolution for a company, family or individual meal, meat and powerful fish are their best companions. Do not miss it cold, at white temperature.


A surprising DO Almansa, at the level of the best, its particular elaboration system allows it to be taken cold without problems, a good sensory experience, ideal for the uninitiated, the initiated and the experts. An all terrain.


A perfect wine for the Asturian picnic concept, ideal to continue the meal after cider. A vinazo.



The protagonist is you.

Come with us, help us, support us, become our patron, let us make the forbidden wine, the one you deserve, your work, your creation, your dream, your future ... YOUR WINE.

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Our best kept secret revealed for you.


Bright cherry with tints purples on the border.


Live the experience of a French oak caress. Smoked notes of cinnamon, spices and exotic scents with light mineral notes typical of our vineyards at more than 1000 meters of altitude.


Intense, deep and smooth red fruits. Dark chocolate with sweet notes of roasted cocoa and a spectacular wild blackberry finish.


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